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SLP Personal Purpose Statement Speech Language and Play

Updated: Jan 14

My focus as an undergraduate was towards the goal of attending graduate school and a career path involving the provision of help to children and families. I had no particular interest in communication and speech disorders. My interest was initially fired when volunteering at an ‘early intervention’ program during which I was invited to observe a therapeutic session undertaken by a highly experienced and dedicated Speech-Language Pathologist providing therapy through play. This initial interest in the field was converted into a definite career goal when I began working as an Audiologist Assistant and I began to appreciate how the ability to communicate easily is so basic to human happiness. I now wish to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to improve or provide this ability to those whose ability is impaired.

SLP Personal  Statement Speech Language and Play
SLP Personal Purpose Statement Speech Language Pathology

From the experience that I have acquired to date in those parts of my career and volunteer work relating to those who suffer difficulties in speech communication, it is clear to me that it takes a very special type of person to treat speech disorders successfully; that empathy, determination and enormous patience, together with substantial technical knowledge and skills are called for in order to achieve optimum outcomes. I believe that I possess these personal qualities and characteristics and would not be making this application if I were not confident of this. I am also confident that I have the academic capability and passion for the subject that will enable me to excel in the program and in my career beyond.

SLP Personal Statement Speech Language and Play
SLP Personal Purpose Statement Speech Language Therapy

I have undertaken significant volunteer work in various capacities and regard this as an obligation rather than a choice. It is my intention to do so in the future to help those who are financially and/or socially disadvantaged. I hope that there may be opportunities to do so once my training within the program is sufficiently advanced.

SLP Personal Statement Speech Language and Play
SLP Personal Purpose Statement Speech Language Therapist Examples

While my career aspirations mainly relate to helping children and young people, I have become increasingly interested in the communication difficulties experienced by the elderly and those affected by brain trauma. The ‘Aging Population’ creates new and significant challenges in enhancing useful and satisfying lives, and communication is clearly a vital component in doing so. I would be very interested in assisting in research in this area of work, if the opportunity arises.

I am drawn to your program because I will be exposed to diverse populations and clinical settings, as well as the chance to continue working with faculty members who are passionate about their field and in Moulding excellent future clinicians.

To summarize, I am confident that I have the academic potential, basic experience, knowledge and background, personal attributes and, most of all, a genuine passion for this field of study and work to enable me to ‘add value’ to the program, if selected, and to make a significant and positive difference to the lives of my future clients.

Thank you for considering my application.

SLP Personal Purpose Statement Speech Language and Play

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