SLP Master's, Mexican-American, Speech Language Pathology, Therapist, Pathologist Assistant

I have finished my undergraduate studies in Speech Language Pathology (SLP) and I could not be happier working full time in my chosen field, as a certified Speech Language Pathologist Assistant. I look forward to lifelong learning and many decades to come teaching primarily children the skills that they need to communicate effectively. Thus, my central professional objective is now to earn my Master’s Degree in SLP and become a certified Speech Language Pathologist working with children from all backgrounds who face a variety of speech/language difficulties. I also look forward to serving as an advocate for children with developmental and learning challenges, lobbying on behalf of their interests with the state legislature.

I am looking forward to a career as a speech-language pathologist because I have increasingly come to appreciation what ‘understanding’ means from a broad variety of different, all very human perspectives. I have had the great privilege of growing up in and working for a family business; collaborating with family members behind the scenes and serving wholesale and retail customers demanded that I be attuned to the words and their message. This experience has helped me to understand the importance of clarity for covert as well as overt forms of communication. By the end of my freshman year in college I had found a job working as a camp counselor at a preschool and it was this position that provided me with my first, firm idea of what kind of a career I wanted to develop, working primarily with children that have mild processing and articulation delays. Supporting these children in their speech and processing throughout the day as an undergraduate student volunteer very much affirmed my passion for the field of SLP and I began to find special enjoyment by applying what I was learning at college in my work in the community, helping to make the environment of special needs children as meaningful and fulfilling as possible.

This past summer and currently during the fall semester, I have been volunteering my time at the Language, Learning, Literacy, and Lexicon Lab at the U of A. Assisting with working memory and word learning studies has given me an opportunity to see how theory is put into the service of research. Data collection and entry in this position has helped me to refine my practical skills and to capture and communicate information with precision. Seeing experienced clinicians at work has provided me with most inspiring examples of professional expertise. One of the highlights of this experience was observing a young man from assessment to completion through eight home-visit sessions, allowing me to cultivate a relationship with the him and his family.

Born (1996) and raised in the USA, I have visited Mexico once or twice a year for about six years, Israel for 10 days (May, 2018), England and much of Western Europe for nearly a month. My travels have helped me to mature and to become a better communicator. I have also learned basic American Sign Language. Persistent and driven to become an accomplished SLP clinician, I spent a full year serving in a research lab studying the complex relationships between learning, literacy, language, and lexicon. I am currently working with children with articulation difficulties and children who are moderately to severely autistic. I look forward to learning as much as I can about the autism spectrum, swallowing, apraxia, and dysarthria in adults as well as children. I am interested in doing research, in particular, in the areas of language, neurogenic communication disorders, voice disorders, and swallowing.

I thank you for considering my application to your Distinguished SLP Master’s Program.

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