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ScM Masters Epidemiology, Public Health, Developing World, Diabetes, Indian Applicant

Updated: May 17

I see the ScM Program in Epidemiology at the XXXX School of Public Health as the ideal platform upon which to launch a career in international public health. I so very much appreciate the fact that Public Health in the Developing World occupies a top priority in your curriculum, in keeping with your global focus and appreciation for diversity. A very hard-working scientist from India, I am a woman who could not be more passionate about global health issues. Earning the ScM at Johns Hopkins will be the finest preparation possible for going on to doctoral studies and afterwards a career in international public health. My ideal position would be one working in collaboration with United Nations based organizations or others concerned about with the promotion of public health in the Developing World.

For years now, I have been travelling to different parts of my native India. In addition to India, I completed one of my Master’s Degrees in the UK and I have also spent long periods of time in Korea for work and research. I earned several graduate credits studying at the PHD level in Korea. I addition to English, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese and some Kannada I also speak, read, and write basic Korean. I have had several lengthy and intensive research experiences in the area of cancer and bioinformatics. I have also completed extensive research in the area of Diabetes.

India, the land of unity in great diversity represents a vast plethora of public health challenges that serve as important examples of what needs to be studied and dealt with in other parts of the Developing World. My travels and my personal study in the area of Epidemiology, worldwide, along with my special, intensive experience with public health issues in the complex Indian context, will help me to hit the ground running and excel at XXXX India faces many challenges in public health as diseases and demographics alike are constantly evolving and new challenges emerge, with noncommunicable and communicable diseases alike. New challenges arise out of India’s success as large numbers of those fortunate enough to rise into the middle classes now live longer. More resources have to be directed, therefore, to meet the needs of the aging population. India is still at war with HIV, progress has been modest at best and the struggle will clearly last for some time barring radical advancement towards a cure. Even if a vaccine were to be found and produced, an enormous amount of work would need to be done in order for such a mammoth undertaking to be successfully implemented.

There are a variety of reasons why I have my heart set on study at the Bloomberg School, most of the sheer excellence of your program in every area but especially with respect to my own central interest: Cancer Epidemiology. Thus, for me, the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center is a central draw. I especially admire the work of Dr. XXXX with respect to the way that periodontitis is a source of aggravation for both lung and colorectal cancers. I read heavily in this area out of deep and sustained concern, coming from India with some of the highest oral cancer rates in the world. I also very much appreciate the research of Dr. XXXX with respect to targeting right etiology and Dr. G. Dsouza ‘s work on HPV. I am well-read in the area of HPV and I am experienced with patients with HPV and cervical carcinoma, collecting samples of different grades of cancer and OT and trying to dissect the molecules playing crucial roles in propagating the disease. I live to combat their activities using herbal or the best medical approaches. Being a female from India where cancer wreaks such maximum devastation, singling out women as victims in especially dreadful ways, I could not be more fully inspired to give my professional lifetime to research in this area. Earning my ScM in Epidemiology at the XXXX School will serve as the optimal platform upon which I will be able to make my maximum contribution to science and global health.

I have a longstanding interest in the welfare of adolescent mothers through the preadult stage, particularly those with frequent child births. At this stage of life, the adolescent female who becomes a mother invites enormous health distress and potential for problems later; very young mothers and their children alike are vulnerable to a host of complications, and this is especially true in India’s rural areas. Public health awareness initiatives in this area need to be part of more general and comprehensive initiatives. Since Independence, India has focused on controlling communicable and vector-borne diseases, and on ensuring maternal and child health. While there are about 70,000 deaths in India every year due to breast cancer, less than 50,000 women die every year to maternal causes. But the spending on maternal healthcare is much more than it is on fighting cancer in India. There has been little attention on chronic diseases, including cancer, over the course of the in last 68 years. With increasing life spans, population growth, changing lifestyles and environments, India now needs to create effective strategies for cancer control. With nearly I million new cancer cases every year and around 7 million cancer deaths, both of which are increasing, India can no longer afford to overlook cancer control via screening and/or early detection.

It is my hope that my passion for Cancer research and its different dimensions, along with my global experience, will serve to compliment the vast diversity of the XXXX School and enable me to bring honor to your institution and contribute something unique of value to the academic community. I thank you for considering my application to Epidemiology at XXXX.

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