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MS Real Estate Personal Purpose Statement Examples

Updated: Apr 12

For some time now, I have been a young Chinese man who has found myself more interested in the Chinese real estate market than anything else. It is the drama of my day, my era, as a young person of the ‘boom’ generation. Your program in Real Estate at the University of XXXX offers ‘real-world’ case studies and field trips; this is why your program is my first choice for graduate school. I have thus far studied business at two prestigious business schools - the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the Quinn School of Business at University College Dublin – and this has prepared me to hit the ground running and excel at the University of XXXX.

After spending my first two years of college studying in the USA, I went home to China during Christmas break and was shocked to see how much development had gone on during my absence in my hometown of Guangzhou, where I was born and raised. One of my classmates and friends from back home invited me to visit “The Bayview,” a luxurious residential property developed by the Kingold Group. Standing on the balcony and looking around, I was shocked at how fast the central business district of my city had grown in such a brief time. My friend Sun bragged about the significant investment his family had made by purchasing this property: the price went up from US$15,000 per square meter to US$28,000 per square meter in just two years.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MS Real Estate Personal Purpose Statement Examples

The drama, the high stakes, and the money to be made or lost have progressively riveted me to China’s real estate market, and I am caught up in this drama. I could not be more confident that this is my calling, my lifelong work, to learn all I can and become a player in China’s real estate market. While I was growing up, most of the adults around me talked about real estate. So, I began to learn about it and study it, paying particular attention when the subject came up. In time, I could imagine what forces were driving this market and what some of the dangers or pitfalls might be.

I hope to be selected for your especially distinguished Real Estate Program at the XXXX Business School at the University of XXXX for several reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of your program and its location. I look forward to a whole immersion experience in Real Estate that will prepare me for a lifetime of contribution to our industry, helping people and their offspring live longer, happier, healthier, and more sustainable lives. I appreciate how Real Estate plays an incredibly vital role in our country’s national economy. The investment and valuation knowledge I hope to acquire as a student in your distinguished program will enable and inspire me to make my maximum contribution to the advancement of my society, especially in terms of helping to build a strong economy.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Real Estate Master's Program Personal Statement Examples

My sales experience in the United States and China in student housing and SOHO apartments represented my first steps in the industry. Later, my internship with the leading Real Estate and investment firm Cushman & Wakefield helped me to master a variety of critical skills, including the critical analysis of the role of location. As an active member of the Real Estate Club at Indiana University, I had the profound privilege of listening to the lectures and presentations of industry leaders concerning many of the latest industry trends.

After completing your program at the University of XXXX, I look forward to gaining another 5-10 years of industry experience, giving my all to one or more firms, and then joining a Real Estate private equity company and devoting most of my energy to asset management. I have a lot of Real Estate internship experience, and I've been studying the subject in two prestigious business schools in North America and Europe.

I am well-traveled, which has enhanced my ability to understand people from d levels of society and nationalities and communicate in multilingual communities. I am fully fluent in Cantonese and my native language, Mandarin, and I have also studied for a semester abroad in Ireland, spending significant amounts of time in the rest of the UK and Europe, as well as much of Southeast Asia and Central America.

I thank you, the admission office of the University of XXXX, for considering my application to your Master's Degree in Real Estate Program.

MS Real Estate Personal Purpose Statement Examples


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