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I stared at the words on my company’s semi-annual client satisfaction survey: “have Nilma cloned”. Three simple words, yet a confirmation that all my hard work, my striving to give all that I am to the people I work with and for were appreciated by those around me. Reassessing all that I have done, my accomplishments, I have reached a point in my professional career where I can no longer forego my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. My journey thus far as a professional and as a mom has altered who I am forever. Turning to the post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program at XXXX University was a natural and logical choice for bringing my dreams to fruition.

Raised in a very traditional South Asian society, women were expected to cast aside ambition and education in favor of marriage and child rearing. I was extremely fortunate to have my mother’s love and support, her encouragement to complete my undergraduate degree. Moving to America shortly thereafter opened up my eyes, expanded my worldview, immersing me in a multitude of cultures and thought, so different from my homeland. Moreover, the opportunities were everywhere. Obtaining a scholarship from St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY, I pursued my MBA, earning a near-perfect GPA. I particularly enjoyed tutoring undergraduate students in statistics, and cherished seeing the light in their eyes when they finally understood a concept that eluded them in class. It was more satisfying than words can describe.

Time management, and meeting deadlines are concepts I never learned in class. I learned them working full time, and running my own very successful business, importing handcrafted pictures from my homeland, a business that brought practice to the undergraduate and graduate business theory I had been introduce to. Selling my business was a difficult decision, but looking at my infant and toddler daughters, I know I made the right decision in choosing to be there for them when they were the most vulnerable. Becoming a doctor is not just for me, it is for my daughters as well. I want my daughters to be able to look up to their mom and know that there is no dream that is impossible if they are willing to make the commitment. I know that I have the discipline, endurance and the maturity to excel in the pre-medical program.

The Pre-health program at XXXX is my sole choice and the perfect stepping-stone for pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. The school’s reputation as a major research institution will expose me to unique opportunities for obtaining work experience through research as well as being the ideal place for building my clinical exposure and acumen through the volunteer opportunities the school has to offer. Through my energy, and drive to build my exposure and equal footing, I feel I will easily compete with any ‘traditional’ student.

I bring with me to the student body and Pre-med program interpersonal, and time management skills earned within a high-pressure deadline oriented environment. Our compassion and passion for helping others is something that cannot be taught. The times I made a difference at the individual level in the business world are proof of the fire inside me that will facilitate my pursuit of opportunities that the medical world will offer me, and the chance to make substantial contributions to the lives of others. I hope that you will give me the privilege of starting this new chapter in my life at your prestigious university.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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