PHD Social and Administrative Pharmacy (SAPh), Applicant holds Masters and PHARMD, Egyptian

I hope to be accepted to the University of XXXX distinguished PHD Program in Social and Administrative Pharmacy (SAPh) so as to make my maximum contribution to my field, ultimately making the most of the PHARMD and Master’s Degree along with board certifications that I have already earned. Earning the PHD in SAPh at the University of XXXX will bring my fullest professional dreams to fruition. Within five years, I hope to be recognized as a professional research scientist and also engaged in the teaching of pharmaceutical care to students. Within the next ten years, I hope to have become a highly experienced pharmaceutical care practitioner well on my way towards establishing a solid track record in clinical research and publication. At the University of Minnesota, I am especially excited about the prospect of studying under the expert guidance, direction, and inspiration of Dr. XXXX. Dr. XXXX’s extensive research interests fully inspire me in the directions that I hope to take in my own research for the balance of my professional lifetime, especially the successful implementation and integration of comprehensive medication management services in health care settings.

Born and raised in Egypt, I earned my undergraduate degree in Pharmacy in 1997 and then completed a one-year internship at a local hospital. I next went on to work in several fields closely related to Pharmacy up until I came to the USA with my husband for his fellowship training at Mayo Clinic. Before we made our home in America, I worked as a pharmacist manager, for example, in one of the biggest and best-known pharmacies in town, AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company, where I served as an assistant medical advisor. Soon, I was promoted to the position of market specialist. As a result of intensive, continuous education and additional training, soon I was making important contributions to the marketing of material for our company, as well as giving presentations to the company team and other health care professionals. I developed a great deal of skill in marketing and management communications with patients and business stakeholders alike. I also worked as a clinical pharmacist in a hospital setting at one of the well-known hospitals in cardiac care, covering both cardiology and ambulatory care departments.

Upon my arrival in America a decade ago in December 2007, I began working as a pharmacy technician at Wal-Mart Pharmacy and studying towards my pharmacist license. I passed the foreign pharmacy equivalence exam and completed 1600 hours internship training at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I now have current and active licenses in MN, IA and WI. I earned a certificate in immunization from APhA and an MTM certificate from MPhA in 2011. I earned the PharmD Degree from XXXX University in 2014. I practiced my Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) at Mayo-Health System in Austin, MN and completed 5 weeks in each rotation: Ambulatory Care, Drug Information, Central Pharmacy and Acute Care. I am board certified in Ambulatory Care and Geriatric Pharmacy from the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). I have a CPR certificate, and recently got my certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). I joined the University of Florida and completed my Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Masters last December, 2017. This included a capstone project and longitudinal MTM business plan. Recently, I was able to renew my CPR certificate.

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