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PHD Health Promotion Personal Purpose Statement, Saudi

Updated: Apr 10

XXXX University is my first choice to continue my education at the Ph.D. level in Health Promotion. Your program represents the optimal platform for making my entire professional contribution. I am deeply dedicated to my society and its people, a Saudi woman who could not be more enthused about and engaged with health promotion, especially in Saudi Arabia. Thus, I am troubled that despite being a rapidly developing society in many ways, many Saudis continue to make bad lifestyle choices, often leading to premature death from preventable conditions. In preparation for my career contribution, I have already earned my master's degree in the USA in Microbiology and Immunology (M&I). I feel confident that this experience and giving my all for ten months in a hospital laboratory will enable me to hit the ground running and excel in your distinguished doctoral program in health promotion at XXXX University.

Completing the master's program in M&I at XXXX University in 2015 and staying current and up to date in my independent reading will help me hit the ground running and excel in your distinguished Ph.D. Program at XXXX University. Earning a Ph.D. in Health Promotion is the perfect way for me to fulfill my calling as someone who could not be more dedicated to helping society stay fit. I am self-motivated and determined, and I feel strongly that a Ph.D. in Health Promotion will provide me with a well-rounded education in research and teaching and advance my profession in my country.

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PHD Health Promotion Personal Statement, Saudi Woman

Health promotion is now finally receiving the attention of the government of Saudi Arabia. While many like me see this as long overdue, we are nevertheless grateful for the progress since it represents great hope for all sectors of society, rich and poor alike, that suffer from lifestyle choices that could be addressed by health care sectors and the public service agencies public and private. We are only now beginning to do better in this regard. I am excited about participating in this new struggle to make Saudi society healthier by promoting health in creative campaigns utilizing various media. I hope to focus much of my efforts in this regard on health promotion in our educational institutions. I am keenly looking forward to a thoroughgoing immersion experience that prepares me for decades of critical research about lifestyle choices in Saudi Arabia.

I lived in the USA for four years, including the time I spent bringing my English ability up to the point where I could perform at an elevated level in my master's Program. Thus, I anticipate that my most difficult hurdles are over, and I can give myself 24/7 to my studies in Health Promotion. This is especially so since I have been granted a full scholarship from the Saudi Ministry of Health. My master's program gave me an advanced grasp and a theoretical understanding of biology, especially threats to public health, and practical approaches. I finished the program as an accomplished and enthusiastic researcher.

Now twenty-nine, since childhood, my parents have encouraged me to read, learn and seek knowledge, leaving me thirsty for more. I have cultivated a creative imagination and the ability to think independently for as long as I can remember. I seek further professional training, the knowledge base, and the skill sets that I will need to think globally and act locally in the face of complex challenges, barriers, and cultural prejudices that I will need to overcome. Saudi Arabia is very conservative, and many of our poor lifestyle choices are rooted in sacred traditions.

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Ph.D. Health Promotion Statement of Purpose, Saudi Woman

I am particularly interested in Saudi Arabian women and their unique health challenges. My particular concern is the alarming increase in autoimmune diseases among Saudi women. I addressed this issue in my master's Thesis dealing with “The Role of Cytokines in Hashimoto Thyroiditis.” Throughout my life, I have learned that my purpose has been to trigger positive change by giving back to the community using the knowledge I have acquired over time from diverse levels of learning and practical experiences. Earning the Ph.D. in Health Promotion at XXXX University will equip me with the prerequisite knowledge and leadership skills to become a highly effective organizational leader by integrating corporate management principles, digitalization, and leadership training.

Thank you for considering my application to Health Promotion at XXXX University.

PHD Health Promotion Personal Purpose Statement

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