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PHD Cancer Biology, Interdisciplinary Life Science

I hope to earn the PHD Degree in Cancer Biology at the Interdisciplinary Life Science Department at XXXX University, my first choice for graduate study. I crave the rigor and focus of your XXXX - on exactly the areas in which I seek the greatest expertise. I especially appreciate the ground-breaking research opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and international learning in the battle against cancer that exist at XXXX. I admire and it would be a great honor to study under professors such as Drs. XXXX , XXXX, XXXX, and Andrea XXXX– whose areas of research interest and specialization represent precisely those areas to which I also feel called.

I seek the fullest possible immersion experience in the identification, characterization, and validation of disease-specific targets in cancer, utilizing a variety of approaches: biochemical, structural, molecular, cellular, imaging, chemical, genomic, and proteomic approaches. I’m particularly interested in identifying novel anticancer drug targets by determining cell signaling dysfunctionalities in tumor development.

I would be especially grateful for the opportunity to serve as a research or teaching assistant as this would help to advance towards my career goals. My professional experience working as a Regulatory Affairs Associate (RA) at XXXX Biomet and Quality Control, and as a Scientist at Catalent Pharmaceuticals, will help me to hit the ground running in your program and distinguish myself for excellence as a student. As a result of extensive writing and reviewing product labelling and technical documentation, history files, analytical, validation, and stability protocols, drafting analytical reports: I have developed advanced critical thinking, writing and communicating skills with great attention to detail. Working with various departments including quality control, product development, and our manufacturing team, has helped me to cultivate excellent interpersonal skills and a team spirit.

Having earned my BS in Biochemistry from Al-Hikmah University in my native Nigeria and a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of XXXX, in Connecticut, USA, I have now developed a solid academic foundation in how the foundations of bio-systems operate at both cellular and molecular levels. I have come to understand processes involved in biochemical changes related to root causes of disease. Tissue engineering, biomedical materials, bioelectronics and polymer nanocomposite, have been the foremost focus of my education so far, consistently working to enhance my understanding of the most promising avenues of inquiry that present themselves, always with an eye on enhancing and preserving the quality of our lives.

I find nothing anywhere near as exciting as the prospect of targeting cancer cells, and making that targeting as refined and as fast as possible. Thus, I seek the fullest possible understanding of the biomolecular and signaling pathways and processes involved in the proliferation, metabolism, survival and movement of cancer cells. Among my own modest achievements so far, I am especially proud of having authored a comprehensive review article on the subject of ovarian cancer risk factors and their mechanism of action, especially the fact that it was published in the European Journal of Engineering Research & Science (EJERS) in 2019.

I thank you for considering my application.

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