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MSC Finance, Chinese, Equity Research, London

Updated: Jan 5

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school in Finance for a variety of reasons, including the vast intellectual and multicultural resources of London. Most of all, I crave the rigorous education that stands behind your world-class reputation. It would be a special honor for me to become a student of Professor XXXX who I listened to with great interest when he spoke at Tsinghua University in China this past April of 2017. I could not have been more favorably impressed with the sophistication of his articulation of equilibrium theory and its relationship to product complexity and financial markets, areas in which I look forward to devoting a great deal of attention.

Born and raised in Beijing, China, I could not be more highly motivated for the achievement of excellence in Finance, a field that has been making critically important advances over the last decade in China, alongside and in support of the Chinese economy. I see myself as preparing for a lifetime of service to my country of origin in support of its complex economic relationships with the rest of the world. I have already studied in London for a year-and-a-half earning my first Master’s Degree, the MSc in Computer Science, after which I returned to China where I have been engaged since that time on the cutting-edge of technological advancement in the areas most relevant for Finance. I now hope to earn my second Master’s Degree in the same marvelous city with so much to offer the student in search of the finest and most international education in Finance available on the planet.

From 2014 through 2018, I worked for a patent agency, dealing with clients working in financial services technology. Since then, I have been working at Beijing University as an industry analyst focusing on FinTech. I investigated industry trends, analyze the market, and spend a lot of time listening to people in this industry, their ideas and opinions. Heavily engaged in Fintech industrial research, I am also keenly interested in fixed-income related challenges and issues, and becoming a fixed income analyst and trader is one of the career options that I am exploring, taking the fullest advantage of my background in Mathematics and particularly Computer Science.

I am most enjoying my full engagement in equity research, investigating the industry as a whole and sometimes looking into individual companies, helping me to understand many of the timely issues of my day in Finance. I very much appreciate the opportunity to examine the finances of business in areas that are not yet my expertise, expanding my horizons and learning numerous lessons from each investigation. My work experience at XXXX’s XXXX Lab has given me to opportunity to acquire practical experience in finance, developing the most relevant skillsets, and boosting my motivation enormously to the p