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MPH, Applicant from Qatar, Contagious Diseases, Animal to Human Transmission

Updated: Jan 23

XXXX University is my first choice for returning to academic study primarily due to my profound respect for your state-of-the-art program and that I see myself as the best fit with the MPH curriculum at XXXX. I was granted a full scholarship from my government to complete medical school in Ireland, graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons in 2010. After completing my studies, I returned to Qatar and have been serving in various health care capacities since then, more and more geared towards public health issues and challenges.

I look forward to a long professional lifetime in Qatar serving as public health and public policy consultant. At some point, I would also like to establish my public health clinic - which I would use as an interdisciplinary base for forming responses to looming public health challenges. I am a hard worker, not afraid to ask tough questions; I am an honest person who could not be more dedicated to health promotion. I am passionate about learning all I can about a broad range of public health issues, especially those that significantly impact Qatar. I want to focus on infectious diseases like MERS, the effects of obesity, heavy smoking, frequent travelers' health needs and issues, etc.

Qatar is already heavily devoted to preparing for the World Cup in 2022, which will present us with novel challenges in the public health arena since we expect the most significant influx of people in our history – mostly all at once. Already, extra guest workers are pouring into Qatar. We face severe issues in our struggle to prevent food poisoning, workplace injuries, and the problems that affect travelers. And Qatar has a shortage of qualified physicians with advanced training in Public Health. I would be enormously appreciative if XXXX University allowed me to join your distinguished online Public Health community, giving my all to protecting the health of our citizens and the many guest workers and visitors coming to our country.

One of my primary interests lies in infectious diseases that can be passed from animals to humans, such as CoronaAbu, a potentially fatal disease passed from camels to humans for which there is no known cure. This makes it necessary for the owners of camels to cooperate with public health officials, requiring quite a bit of finesse. I am good at this, patiently and respectfully explaining why blood tests of their animals are necessary to the camel owners. I understand the culture of these people, and they trust me, especially since I am a medical doctor. I also work at developing strategies for dealing with our shortages of medical supplies resulting from a commercial blockade by some of Qatar’s neighbors.

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