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MBA, Sustainable Economic Growth, US Military Background

Updated: Jan 5

I believe that the greatest contribution that I could make to society is to help businesses and individuals to invest their time and energy in endeavors that are both good for economic growth and also serve the long-term interests of our descendants and our planetary home. An optimist, I hope to see many of the ravages to our environment that have resulted from the unfettered growth of industry, controlled, harnessed, directed in such a way as to bring peace to our world and better harmonize our economic lives with our natural environment.

I believe that human beings can relate consciously to capitalism in such a way as to be able to regenerate our planet, preserving it better and destroying it less, in ways that will continue to provide a comfortable lifestyle that endures for our children. It is for this reason that I hope to earn the MBA Degree at XXXX University, which I see as one of the finest Business programs in the world, particularly in terms of the incorporation of critical consciousness and social responsibility into your curriculum and mission. My long-term goal is to run my own consulting practice, traveling around the World in the promotion of advanced business practices that are at once profitable as well as socially responsible and environmentally friendly. I want to help organizations create or recreate themselves in such a way that they contribute to an elevation of their professional cultures and business links to our globalizing economy, Inspired and driven by a doctrine of regenerative and sustainable business practices that will serve to heal our planet as well as our species, I see myself in the future as a coach and mentor for new entrepreneurs who seek entrance into the rapidly evolving sectors of our economies devoted to sustainable/regenerative business practices. As a Sergeant in the US Marine Corp., I have led Marines all over the world and subsequently became a leader as an entrepreneur, founding two restaurants, one in Dubai, managing an almost entirely international work force with employees from the Philippines, India, Pakistan, etc.