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Master's in Finance, Japan-China relations, Chinese Purpose

Updated: Jan 16

I seek lifetime learning and advancement in the Finance industry and hope to be accepted to study for the Master’s Degree in Finance at the XXXX Business School. I see the program at XXXX as the finest globally and geared towards the areas where I seek further advancement and specialization. I also keenly look forward to learning from Japan and contributing to the improvement of Japan-China relations through commerce and interchange. This is an integral facet of my professional hopes for the future. I see giving my best to the study and professional administration of Finance for the balance of my professional life as the fundamental contribution that I might make to my country, China, as well as planetary society, contributing to economic growth, maintaining and advancing economic and cultural ties through commerce, increasing the strength of firms and, by extension, the economies in which those firms do business and make investments.

After graduating from XXXX, I plan to gain further experience serving as an analyst in a retail bank or working for an asset management firm. I am especially looking forward to working in the area of fixed-income-related financial initiatives. I see myself eventually serving in a senior role in a corporate hierarchy, gradually climbing up the ladder of increasing responsibility in the company, serving as a portfolio manager, helping my clients to think strategically for the long term, and putting everything that I have learned as a graduate student and beyond to work on their behalf. At some point, I might work as a freelance financial analyst or consultant, depending upon the circumstances and the opportunities that present themselves. I particularly appreciate how Finance is a fast-developing industry that plays a central role in preserving and advancing local and global society, serving the especially critical function of resource allocation.

I am enjoying my full-time engagement with the Finance industry, which helps me understand many of the timely issues of my day in the field. I appreciate the opportunity to examine the business's finances in areas where I have not yet had the opportunity to cultivate expertise, expand my horizons, and learn. My professional experience at Beijing University’s Fintech Lab has allowed me to acquire practical experience in finance, develop relevant skill sets, and boost my motivation enormously to the point where I am confident that I will not only be able to excel but also distinguish myself as a graduate student in Finance at the XXXX.

The celebration of diversity and the cultivation of international solidarity between Asian countries have long been central to my intellectual and academic interests, so I invested enormous time and energy in learning Japanese at the JLPT N2 level. Thus, XXXX is a natural choice among Master’s programs and will also be the perfect location to continue improving my Japanese language skills.

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