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Master´s Statistics Personal Purpose Statement Sample

Updated: Apr 4

An early facility with numbers and skills in Mathematics has developed over time into a fascination with Statistics. This came with the realization that the applications of Statistics are almost limitless, with the potential to benefit every area of business, government, and our individual lives.

My goal is to acquire the advanced skills and knowledge that the program will provide. My initial goal is to serve as a Statistical Consultant assisting large businesses by providing and analyzing data in an accurate and timely fashion to meet financial and other purposes.

Once I have sufficient experience, I hope to become an independent consultant while undertaking research and teaching in Applied Statistics. I am in my final undergraduate year at UXXX and will shortly complete my economics and statistics degree; I am expected to graduate in July 2018 with a robust first-class degree. My current studies have provided a solid foundation in basic statistical concepts and methodologies, mathematical modeling, statistical methods in economic statistics, and functional analysis.

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To enhance my analytical skills, I studied our boroughs’ crime data with four other team members in the Statistical Department at UXXX. I applied R Program and Stata to establish statistical models and produce a pragmatic report. During the application, I discovered how to adjust measures across broad categories. In addition, we allocated different tasks to individuals efficiently in the collaboration. We produced an in-depth analysis report with a balanced conclusion in a week and won third place in the departmental competition. This participation taught me how to make strategic decisions in a team, and the practice also enhanced my technical skills in developing MATLAB programming.

I am particularly drawn to the program at XXXX because of the emphasis on equipping students with skills in applying knowledge to practical needs and applications and the practical sessions to achieve this. I am also keen to join a program with high mathematical content to extend and hone my natural skills in the subject.

I am attracted to the study of Computational Statistics because I know there is no shortage of data in the world, but there are many gaps in the world’s ability to make sense of and use it. This study area is an enabling key in turning mass data into useful information. This will be essential for maximizing my utility to future employers and clients. I have studied ‘R’ and Stata and was fascinated by their possibilities in providing solutions to problems that were, only recently, intractable.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Statistical Studies Statement of Purpose

I recognize that this specialty will prove to be a vital tool in providing long-term business predictions.

I believe that I have demonstrated high-order analytical skills in my academic career, and achieving am now very keen to study Statistical Inference formally, to enhance my interpretative and intuitive skills - approaching recent problems in creative and original ways. I realize that such skills are essential to the roles that I hope to fill in the future, and I have the potential to excel.

I hope to enter a prestigious program with a highly challenging and supportive academic environment, its alumni noted for their exceptional success. I also hope to create links and relationships with future leaders in the field. Thus, I regard your program as a perfect ‘fit’ to empower and inspire me in achieving my goals.

My formal studies in Economics have given me an insight into the challenges faced in a rapidly changing business environment in which timely and accurate statistical information is the most vital of all business tools. I have an excellent foundation in basic skills, knowledge, and the characteristics required to excel in the program and beyond. I get on well with others, have an open and friendly personality, and cooperate willingly and happily to achieve a common goal. I have worked and studied with people from many social and ethnic backgrounds and know that understanding other cultures is essential in creating positive and mutually beneficial academic, social, and working relationships. I enjoy learning about diverse cultures and sharing information about my rich cultural heritage. My native language is Mandarin, and I speak, read, and write English with an elevated level of fluency.

I have contributed to the student community at UXXX by acting as the Departmental Student Academic Representative to facilitate and encourage communication between teaching staff and students, report academic issues reported by students, and help resolve problems that have been identified with departmental tutors. I hope that I may be able to play some constructive role in the academic community while earning a master's degree.

I fully appreciate that the program will be highly demanding. I can assure the reader that I shall rise to those demands with the exceptional diligence, determination, and enthusiasm I have demonstrated in my undergraduate career. My studies to date have provided me with an excellent and highly relevant knowledge base to enable me to profit from the program. My interests and the program curriculum overlap to a considerable degree. More important, however, is my genuine passion for Statistics and the revolution in our field that has come about due to computer technology. I am determined to play a part.

Thank you for considering my application.

Master´s Statistics Personal Purpose Statement Sample


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