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Master's Degree Finance Personal Statement for Graduate School, Focus on Hong Kong

Updated: Jan 23

A young Chinese man and a fast learner, I was proud that I was able to earn my MA in Economics at XXXX University in only one year (2017.09-2018.06). After earning my first Master’s in the West, I now want to earn a second Master’s Degree in a closely related field, Finance. XXXX University is my first choice for continued study for various reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of the program.

For some years now, I have become an avid reader of everything about the real estate market, particularly concerning China, London, and Toronto. Earning the Master’s Degree in Finance at XXU will place me at the forefront regarding qualifications to serve in the business and real estate worlds, particularly where Greater China meets the West. Hong Kong, generally speaking, and XXU in particular, are the epicenter of development of the Chinese Bay Area, and I am also learning a great deal about Macau.

I am proud that while I seek a professional tie with a real estate firm after finishing my studies, I am already an independent investor on my own. Thus, earning my Master’s in Finance, which interests me the most, will positively affect my breadbasket issues. Having already made a significant amount of money on my own, I plan to continue to lay a solid foundation for my financial security by identifying and investing in undervalued real estate and converting it into the rental income-generating property. I am actively engaged in the resale and buy-back of housing in Wuhan, Chengdu, London, and Toronto. I am proud of having earned an A+ for both Econometrics courses during my Master’s studies; I look forward to learning more at HKU about R as SAS. I see XXU as the perfect vantage point from which to gain a rapid yet thoroughgoing familiarity with the business environments of South East Asia.

During the summer of 2011, I was an exchange student and studied at HKU for over one month – I look forward to returning to my Cantonese and many other things about Hong Kong, as I have savored this fond memory for years now. In becoming a legal resident of Canada, I seek further contact with Hong Kong long-term because I see it as the first financial center of South East Asia. I have remained good friends with several of my classmates from 7 years ago in Hong Kong, and they are looking forward to helping me get oriented and settled when I come to study.

If accepted to XXU, I will begin an active search for internship positions that will help me adjust and contribute rapidly to the new environment, giving my all to the study of Finance and my new academic community, learning as always from the people around me. At some point, I hope to become an investment manager or independent investment counselor, always continuing, first and foremost, to manage my investments in the most lucrative and sustainable ways possible. Finally, I CNBClook forward to obtaining professional qualifications such as the CFA and FRM.

I thank you for considering my application to Finance at XXU.

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