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Master's Degree Community Health and Epidemiology in Canada, Saudi Arabian Woman Dentist

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

A very hard-working Saudi Arabian dentist, I have learned to artfully balance my full-time devotion to dentistry with my family life, thus making the most of both of them, with my family inspiring and supporting me to excel in dentistry. A master of time management and multitasking, I am a young woman whose professional goals all involve contributing to an improvement of the health of my community, primarily as a result of awareness-raising and public education. My fullest professional aspiration is to go on to teach in the area of Public Health in my country, Saudi Arabia, in addition to and alongside the continuation of my practice of dentistry. I keenly look forward to profiting from the advanced training I will receive if accepted to the Master’s Degree Program in Community Health and Epidemiology at XXXX University.

Even before dental school, I was passionate about how to improve people’s lives in sustainable ways; and I devoted most of my free time to community work and volunteering. I helped out with several programs going to hospitals and orphanages to bring good times and joy to children in need. We created a charity group to collect clothes for low-income families. In dentistry, that passion for community work grew. I increasingly realized my leadership skills at the head of various extracurricular, charitable endeavors in the dental community.

I am in love with dentistry's profound and sustainable contribution to people’s lives. On visits to primary schools, I was on the team for screening, and I saw first-hand how oral hygiene is all-too-frequently neglected, and the spread of tooth decay in our society is scandalous and needs to be stopped. More attention needs to be paid to prevention in Saudi Arabia, and completing your program will help me maximize my contribution to this effort. This experience with the screening was a wake-up call: to achieve advanced training in community health and epidemiology. I can’t describe how excited I was as a dental student to begin our course in community dentistry. I finished dental school ranked 8th in my class.

During my internship, I had more chances to advance my research, with which I had fallen in love since the beginning. I was thrilled to gain the extensive experience entailed by working exhaustively on no less than three projects, all of which were different types of studies. By the end of this experience, I was convinced that I wanted to give my professional life mostly to Community Health & Epidemiology. It was a special honor for me to serve as a Teaching Assistant at King Abdulaziz University. The privileges of teaching that I have had point me in this direction for the future: a teacher, a research scientist, and a dentist.

I hope to study Community Health and Epidemiology in Canada rather than the USA or Europe for various reasons because programs are considered among the best in the world, with the most exciting research taking place: XXXX University in particular. I am convinced that Canada is the perfect place to prepare myself for making my entire professional contribution. XXXX University, in particular, is an excellent fit for my central professional goal of learning how to design, launch, and manage large public health campaigns: raising awareness about the importance of oral hygiene.

I feel strongly that my six years of formal academic training in dentistry will enable me to hit the ground running in your program and excel at every opportunity that comes my way.

I thank you for considering my application.

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