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Updated: Jan 23

Now an undergraduate student at Shandong University, I hope to be accepted to study for and earn my Master’s Degree in Education at the University of XXXX. Since grade school, I dreamed of earning a graduate degree in Education. I always saw my favorite teachers as role models, the kind of adult I wanted to become as a professional and pillar of my community. My admiration for their professional role and stature was not unnoticed by the teachers, who often gave me extra time due to my intense interest and transparent investment in the educational process. I always gave school my all and made it my number one priority, and I learned how to manage and organize my time as a student.

I increasingly came to understand and appreciate how teachers are, in some ways, friends, an advocate, and even a counselor at certain times and occasions and to certain degrees. The fact that I set my sights on becoming a teacher when I was still very young inspired me to watch my teachers closely, study their every move, labor to understand their thoughts or feelings, etc. This was particularly true in high school, as I was more mature and able to empathize and understand more of the challenges and joys that accompany the various duties of a teacher. I am keenly looking forward to becoming a teacher one day; thus, I hope to acquire my professional training in one of the most exemplary Education programs in the world, at the University of XXXX.

Education represents a career shift for me since I finished my undergraduate studies at Shandong University in Finance, International Business, etc. I have been preparing myself for graduate school in Education in my free time, however, reading about Education in China, particularly where I plan to teach. I am learning many skills and sophisticated ways of thinking in studying international business operations to help me hit the ground running and excel at the University of XXXX. Also, earning my undergraduate degree in international business speaks to how Education in China has become increasingly geared toward the needs of a global economy and international business realities. I have also been a tutor for some time, confirming my desire to make teaching my career.

I have gained advanced analytical and research skills that I now seek to use in the service of education, as an investigator of issues in Chinese education, and as a classroom teacher. I thrive in English and often give class presentations and present case studies. I adore my undergraduate program because of its international class character and progressive, creative, experimental curriculum, with almost all my courses taught in English by instructors who have studied overseas. Currently, I am completing an internship with the New Oriental Education & Technology Group, where I am training towards my dream of becoming a teacher, teaching classes under the guidance of professional teachers. Soon, I will also be teaching English to high school students. I love the process of teaching and seeing the progress of my students; always a win-win result.

I thank you for considering my application to UX.

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