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Master of Higher Education Personal Purpose

Updated: Jan 18

The Master of Higher Education Program at the University of XXXX is my dream program because of my love for Norway and admiration for its culture and higher education system. A broad-minded young Chinese person with liberal values and a cultivated appreciation for diversity. I have professional experience in higher education in Oceania, North America, and Asia. Raised in Beijing until 16, we moved to New Zealand, where I lived until 22, doing wonders for my English. I will always proudly speak English with a trace of New Zealand. I have also spent considerable time in Japan and am making steady progress in this language, working towards an intermediate level. It has been an extraordinary pleasure to know several parts of the USA.

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Finishing my undergraduate studies in Marketing and Advertising in 2007, I have more than ten years of working experience in experiential learning programs for graduate as well as high school students and have become incredibly adept at organizing students’ experiential learning field trips, taking students to many rural areas as well as many developed cities in China and other parts of SE Asia. I look forward to the finest graduate education available in research methodology and pedagogy, deepening my understanding of the complex ways that education policy affects the development of specific geographic areas. Spending several summer vacations as a teacher for students of Chinese ethnic minorities in rural areas has been central to developing my professional passion.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Master of Higher Education Program

At my best in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, I feel most at home at the college where I am currently employed, XXXX College at XXXX University, with students from 49 different countries. I see the Education Program at the University of XXXX as the flagship program, leading the way in innovation in Education for all of Europe and the world. I especially look forward to helping to develop and implement effective policies for accelerating economic development in rural areas of developing countries, most of all China. I am concerned with the many millions of Chinese families separated due to economic factors; the parents working in the city are forced to leave their children behind with the grandparents, lucky to see the family once a year for a short vacation. I see this as cruel, destructive, and unsustainable for Chinese society. I am most pleased to serve as co-leader of two experiential learning programs in my current professional position at XXXX University. In the future, I look forward to assuming more significant levels of responsibility and vastly enhancing the contribution that I can make to my society and the world, especially by assisting NGOs or UN agencies targeting poverty.

I look forward to promoting inclusive environments and making recommendations for advancing international study programs. My ideal job would be with UNESCO, OECD, or APEC. I am incredibly excited by the Action Plan of the APEC Education Strategy announced in 2017, whose vision I very much share. It would be a special honor for me to have an opportunity to get involved in the execution of this Action Plan as a university professor, helping to bring about progressive change, and generating new, creative ideas in a constant search for pedagogical innovation.

Thank you for considering my application.

Master of Higher Education Personal Purpose


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