LOR from Supervisor for Grad School, Master of Finance Program Diversity Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is XXXX and I am the manager of the XXXX Branch of Wells Fargo. I have been with Wells Fargo for more than 20 years. For over a year, I have had the wonderful privilege of getting to know XXXX quite well, since I am her supervisor and work with her on a daily basis. Thus, it is a great pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation in support of her application to the Master in Finance Program at the University XXXX. I could not be more confident in Ms. Lan’s ability to excel in Finance at UXXX.

XXXX is a very quick learner with what appears to be a natural talent for problem solving. I only had to show XXXX how to perform a banking operation one time; after that she did exceptionally well on her own. I have long admired her professional demeanor, at all times, and her willingness to go that extra mile to please each and every one of her customers. Once I observed her attend to a customer who came into our branch and asked her a question about his tax return. She could have just printed out the tax return and given the document to the customer. Rather, she investigated and learned the answer to his question and explained it to him patiently.

XXXX and the surrounding area, to the east of LA, has a huge Asian as well as a primarily Spanish-speaking population. It is easy to appreciate how minorities, taken together, are rapidly becoming a majority in California. Diversity and banking, as in other sectors, go hand in hand. XXXX is really special in this regard because, in addition to fully fluent English, she is also a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese. What is more, she is making great progress in the learning of both Cantonese and Spanish. Communication is the life blood of Finance and, where we live today, our business spans a variety of languages, giving employees like XXXX great added value which has been and continues to be most appreciated. XXXX is extremely proficient with respect to rules and regulations. Always attentive and patient with customers, she never stops observing and learning, asking questions, collecting and analyzing information, and then formulating cogent and creative ideas after reflection. Her mathematical and analytical skills are as advanced as her language abilities. When XXXX investigates a problem or a challenge, she finds a solution in a timely manner. It would be a pleasure for me to provide you with any further information about this outstanding candidate to the Master’s Program in Finance at XXXX.


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