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LOR for Graduate school in Nutrition, Letter of Recommendation from a Colleague

Updated: Jan 23

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is XXXX XXXX, and it is my profound honor to recommend XXXX for the Master’s Degree Program in Nutrition at New York University. My colleague and friend, XXXX, has also become my physical fitness and diet guru for many years. I love her focus on women on her website I could not feel more confident that she has much to offer in the Nutrition program at XU - as an outstanding, creative, and highly dedicated Nutrition professional.

XXXX has helped me to discover the right foods that ease my digestion. I did not learn what it meant to have a healthy gut until I enrolled in her eight-week protocol program. My initial goal was to lose weight, but as I started learning more every week on her website, I began to make healthier decisions in several areas, including but not limited to diet and exercise. Her support by email, phone, and mainly due to the "health" app she developed, has been critical. She was there along the way, keeping me motivated and on track to reach my goal. I have known XXXX for years since she moved to Miami from Venezuela, and I have always admired her commitment to nutrition and helping women in particular. While a student in her 8-week course “Heal your Gut with Food” Program, we ran a marathon together, my first. Thanks to XXXX, I know the combinations that make my stomach bloat and those that do not. I have learned how to improve my breathing. I am sure that she will be a stellar student at XXU. Her academic and intellectual foundation and experience will enable and inspire her to excel in the program. I earned my M.S in Integrated Marketing Communications Degree at XXU. I can thus appreciate how people like XXXX can make significant contributions in this kind of progressive, cutting-edge academic environment. Her language skills in both Spanish and Portuguese are awe-inspiring and will help propel her to professional success.

XXXX’s business experience and entrepreneurial spirit, when coupled with her great passion for the well-being of her clients, will enable her to become a great innovator as a result of her experience at XXU; this, in turn, will build on the many ways that she is a great teacher and will become even better as a result of earning her Master’s Degree at XXU. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance in evaluating XXXX’s application to the Master’s in Nutrition Program at XXU.


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