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LLM Personal Statement Peacemaking, Azerbaijan & Armenia

Updated: May 1

XXXX University is my first choice among LLM programs because of its focus, rigor, and reputation. I appreciate the flexible curriculum, small classes, networking opportunities, and how XXXX's Law students are encouraged to address real-world issues. The Community Enterprise Clinic is another draw for me at XXXX, contributing to implementing creative thinking to address real-world problems in the community. My country, Azerbaijan, recently experienced a brutal war against its neighbor Armenia. Earning the LLM Degree at XXXX will help me contribute to efforts to bring peace to the region and avoid conflict between neighboring states in the former USSR.

We need well-trained professionals in Azerbaijan, especially concerning my area of special interest, international business transactions. The future of Azerbaijan depends upon secure international transactions to achieve prosperity. For this reason, earning my LLM Degree at XXXX will be in preparation for service to my people, a cause to which I hope to give my all. My sensitivity to others, persistence, and intellectual curiosity will help me hit the ground running in the LLM Program. It would be a special honor for me to have the opportunity to study under Assistant Professor of Law XXXX. I especially admire his work in the areas of governance and the manipulation of algorithmic trading.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
LLM Personal Statement for Law School

I adore the detail-oriented nature of Law, developing my critical judgment, drawing conclusions based on facts, extensive learning, and research. Perseverance, patience, and discipline enabled me to graduate with distinction from Law School in Azerbaijan, obtaining the so-called “red diploma.” After finishing my military service, I decided to build a career in the tax sphere since it attracted me by its analytical aspect and complex legal framework. I successfully passed the exam and began working on corporate tax issues. Six months later, I was offered a position as a litigation lawyer at the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan, where I have spent the last ten years. The administration frequently asks me to provide my legal view or troubleshoot different issues, and I regularly contribute to drafting laws. I was promoted from senior inspector to Deputy Chief of the department in 2018.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
LLM Personal Statement

I now seek to broaden my horizons as a legal professional and learn as much as I can about common law and its implications, in particular. The USA is ideal because I seek complete immersion in English in my LLM program and want extensive exposure to diversity and its issues. After completing your LLM Program, I hope to become active in transaction law, working with an organization providing global legal services. I am also looking forward to playing an essential role in legal reforms and promoting progressive, fair, and balanced legislation in Azerbaijan. I believe my genuine interest in the US legal system, professional experience as a civil lawyer, and diligent work ethic would make me an excellent candidate for your program. My primary goal in my life is to be the best in what I am doing, like Steve Jobs in technology, Bill Gates in software, Jeff Bezos in business, etc. Lawyers are creators and the most critical factor driving law is how hard the lawyer works. Whatever I have done so far in my academic, professional, and personal life, I have done it with heroic effort and patience; nevertheless, I am always waiting for the right time to go that extra mile, as with an LLM program. I feel happy and satisfied when I am assigned to draft a legal project which impacts some essential social or administrative aspects of public life.

I thank you for considering my application to the LLM program at XXXX.

LLM Personal Statement Peacemaking


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