LLM in Scotland, Chinese Applicant, International Public Relations, Law

Edinburgh University’s LLM Program in International Law is my first choice for Law School for a variety of reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of your program and my deep fascination with the UK, particularly Scotland. I see your program as the perfect place for me to acquire the academic preparation to make my maximum contribution to global community. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I am very much engaged with relations and communications between China’s different political, linguistic, and religious groups across the globe. This has been especially true since I completed an internship with a PR firm in Beijing in 2013. In 2014, I spent half the school year studying in Shanghai and in 2015 I returned to Beijing and completed another internship with China News Agency.

I hope to be selected to your competitive LLM Program at Edinburgh on the basis of my academic excellence, professional experience, and noble ideals; coupled to my advanced global perspectives and profound concern for the fate of the global south or Developing World. A few months ago, I spent a little over one month in Africa as part of a Christmas missionary service trip. We visited 4 rural villages and I played, sang, and danced with hundreds of children in each place that we visited in Senegal. In the capital Dakar, I was able to get to know people working with a variety of humanitarian organizations and to learn about the great needs that exist for development aid and its implementation.

Global development depends on the absence of war and I want to become a professional peacemaker and promote economic globalization. I have chosen to pursue a career in Law because I see the legal field as existing on the frontier of politics and morality, where my passion lies. Greater China has arisen as a giant with mammoth global implications, especially for the Developing World, Africa in particular. I see both good and evil in this expansion of Chinese interests and as a legal professional I hope to promote the benefits and limit the evil, promoting human rights and cross-border investment at the same time. The research interest of several faculty members in the LLM Program are closely aligned with my own interests and aspirations. Dr Stephen Neff, for example, explores the relationship between developing countries and the IMF at the same time that he is a recognized expert in the area of human rights in Africa.

One can learn from the stones in Edinburg. There, I will come to understand the big economic picture, the mechanisms of international law, hopes and dreams for building a better world where economic development and respect for human rights can flourish side-by-side. I fell desperately in love with the idea of completing your LLM program in 2016 when I visited your lovely city and campus: history, architecture, art, cultural diversity, and global humanistic dialogue all set amidst some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the world.

Thank you for considering my application.

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