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Letter of Recommendation from Colleague, LOR, Graduate School Development Studies, Chinese

Updated: Jan 24

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX, and I am the Director of the Ocean Law and Policy Research Center at the National Institute for South China Sea Studies. My particular competence area is sea law, especially maritime security. My central focus is the Asia-Pacific and especially China's role in the area's development. It brings me enormous pleasure to draft the following on behalf of my colleague XXXX as a candidate for an MSc program in Development Studies at XXXX University.

Young, full of energy and optimism - with wisdom stretching beyond his years - XXXX is an accomplished, dedicated, and creative journalist. He could scarcely be more knowledgeable about development worldwide and from interdisciplinary perspectives. At the same time that he understands the sciences that drive our interpretations of development, he also never loses sight of the moral and ethical issues that invariably accompany that process. No one is better poised than XXXX to make essential contributions to development, especially as it concerns the Asia-Pacific Region.

I am thrilled to review XXXX’s writings before they are posted online, as he has great talent and insightfulness with the written word. He has been of enormous value to me as my research assistant, helping me with his diligence and dedication; I especially enjoyed the literature and book reviews he has prepared for us. While XXXX is quite knowledgeable about the Developing World, his central focus is on inter-Asian relations, particularly the relationship between Greater China with its neighbors. I saw XXXX grow enormously due to his extensive time studying the maritime industry in Europe. His dedication and ambition show in his mastery of plans that have been laid out, for example, for joint China-Philippines development of oil and gas resources.

The epi-center of XXXX’s thinking and the local theater of his operations is our rapidly developing Hainan Province, particularly in tourism and the film industry, subjects about which he has given presentations at our Institute. Please feel free to ask me anything else concerning the application of XXXX to your distinguished MSc Program in Development Studies.


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