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Internal Medicine Residency IMG Personal Statement

Updated: May 7

My deep interest in Biology stems from the first class I attended in college, and I became increasingly fascinated as my studies progressed. I became aware of the complexity of chemical reactions in the human body. From there, I became interested in disease and its treatment and decided to become a physician. I now regard this more as a vocation than a career choice. I am passionate about medicine and extending the availability of healthcare, having witnessed sad results where it is lacking or insufficiently accessible.

I chose Internal medicine because of the intellectual challenge and exposure to various patients and diseases. I was particularly inspired by the work required of us in my Internal medicine rotation, which called for students to provide solutions to initially very puzzling diagnostic problems and to apply a 'whole-body' approach to patient care. My choice also arises because of an interest in the sophisticated mechanisms of the body. I have since come to a deep appreciation that humans are more than the sum of their physical mechanisms. I understand the need for a ‘holistic’ approach to patients and that each person is unique and worthy of dignified and individual understanding. I have also begun to realize that a version of non-verbal communication is an essential element in judging a patient’s needs and feelings. A career in Internal medicine represents a decision to apply scientific knowledge to advance the care and wellness of other human beings. I am committed in a personal way to this humanitarian tradition.

Internal Medicine Residency, Caribbean Doctor
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I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. Because of my knowledge and experiences, I am culturally sensitive and aware of how important this is in medicine. I have received many appreciative letters from patients I have helped to treat.

I have participated in various volunteer activities related to medicine in the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States. These included providing palliative care to geriatric patients and assisting in their recreational activities, free ‘health screening,’ and education about the risk of heart disease. I have thoroughly enjoyed these activities and I hope to undertake other volunteer activities during my residency program.

I have served as an officer in various college societies. This has provided me with experience in practical teamwork, prioritization, organization, leadership, and delegation. I was also selected to assist in teaching at my medical school, which demonstrates the confidence of my teachers in my ability to communicate facts and concepts effectively and in writing, and this teaching experience has extended that ability – a skill that I seek to channel into a career in Internal medicine.

As demonstrated by the results and honors awarded throughout my academic career, I am a diligent worker. My goal is to become an effective and highly qualified physician and assist in reducing healthcare access barriers in underserved areas. I intend to apply myself fully and enthusiastically to the residency program, and I am confident I will be an asset to my class. My Caribbean background will enable me to provide valuable insights into the healthcare needs of those from less well-developed countries.

Internal Medicine Residency, Caribbean Doctor
Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement Editor

I am aware that the residency program will attract many well-qualified applicants. However, I am a suitable candidate. I have the personal qualities necessary to become a first-class Internist, the academic ability not merely to succeed but to excel, and, most importantly, a passionate interest in the ever advancing and developing field of Internal medicine and in spreading the benefits of those advances and developments as widely as possible throughout the world.

Pursuing my residency at your institution would give me access to renowned faculty and academic resources that would allow me to maximize my potential and base my chosen career on an excellent foundation.

Internal Medicine Residency IMG Personal Statement


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