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Food Science & Safety, Morocco, French

As a quality assurance and food safety professional, I work daily to protect America’s food supply, while adapting to an incredibly challenging world with several well-entrenched crises happening simultaneously. Most recently, throughout the Covid -19 Pandemic thus far, our company has produced more than 5 million pounds of seafood products, and I am proud of making a significant contribution by supplying such a mammoth amount of healthy protein to the food chain, and, most of all, doing so safely.

Born and raised in Casablanca Morocco, my first language is Arabic. I am also fluent in French and continue to make progress in Spanish, hoping to be reading and writing this language fluently as well within a couple of years. It pleases me greatly that all of my languages are among those most widely spoken on the globe. I hope to put my language skills to good use in the future as I advance into management positions in international operations and regulations.

A seasoned professional with leadership experience in Food Safety, I hope to earn my MS Degree in Food Safety Regulation at ____ University. It is my first choice among Master’s Programs focusing on food safety and especially regulations. I see ____ as the finest program in the world in this area, and a good match with my very high level of motivation and dedication to my studies. Earning my MS at ____ will serve me as the optimal springboard upon which to advance in my career, assuming increasing levels of responsibility and protecting consumers worldwide.

I will soon have five years of experience with ____'s Wholesale Seafood in Tampa, Florida where I develop and manage all food safety programs, recall procedures, and implementation and testing procedures for verification. Before my current position, I worked as a Food Safety Regulatory Specialist from October 2015 through September 2016.

At ____'s, I also very much enjoy providing training for our employees in the areas of HACCP, allergens, food safety, food security, and other areas. I am in charge of the development, implementation, and management of the HACCP Plan, hazard analysis, flow charts, and additional required information, and to provide expertise and guidance as the team leader. I coordinate and organize all procedures, policies, and programs related to BRC (GFSI), HACCP, food safety and quality, handling regulatory requirements, and addressing customer concerns related to food safety and quality, third-party audits, and regulatory audits. My dream job would be to work with the FDA in developing food safety projects. I am well-versed in Regulatory Requirements, GFSI, Cold Storage, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and US Department of Agriculture inspections – as well as Food Microbiology.

Thank you for considering my application to Food Safety Regulation at ____.

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