Fellowship Program in Cardiology, Indian Cardiologist with Extensive Experience

My interest in cardiovascular disease started in the early part of my life after observing people coming from rural villages to my city to seek cardiology evaluation. My father was a kind and compassionate man, who generously volunteered his time, energy, and resources to help them by providing accommodation and transport. During their stay at my home, I noticed that the cardiovascular disease usually remained a long-term issue for patients who needed daily medicines and regular follow-ups. The other thing saddened me was the long-term financial burden on patients with a cardiovascular disease. This prompted me to become the part of the medical field and to learn more about cardiovascular disease.

Following my medical training in India, I decided to join the American health care system to learn advanced, evidence-based and research-oriented medicine. My hard work and dedication earned me a residency position at the XXX. During my residency, I observed different outcomes among patients with cardiovascular disease. Patients who were taking preventive measures had better outcomes in terms of reduced hospital readmission, complications of the disease, and mortality compares to patients who were not following preventive measures. I had a patient who had three hospital admissions during previous 3 months for the CHF exacerbation. I counseled him regarding disease and the long-term benefits of preventive measures. We discussed measures to prevent hospital admission including making a note of daily weight, fluid intake, salt intake, and the importance of daily medication etc. Three months later, the patient told me that he felt much better and did not have any hospital admission. This experience was rewarding and a very satisfying as a physician. After observing improved outcomes among patients taking preventive measures, I decided to join the Preventive Cardiology Fellowship at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

During my fellowship I was fortunate to be accepted for the Applied Biostatistics course at Harvard University. The course gave me an insight into various statistical methods and a better understanding of research outcomes. I started working on the research project focused on various dietary factors and cardiovascular outcomes. My research work on coffee intake and heart failure risk among physicians was accepted at the American Heart Association. I am also excited about my forthcoming presentation on Healthy Lifestyle factors and risk of AAA at the “23rd World Congress on Heart Disease”. My interest has been deepening on modifiable risk factors and cardiovascular disease outcomes during last few years.

I have always enjoyed working in a team and have always shown willingness to take the leadership role. I have been selected as a Chief Fellow for the next academic year. I am excited to take the responsibilities and ready to excel through hard work and dedication. Apart from clinical and research work, I enjoy teaching medicine to students and residents. I have been volunteering for teaching since starting residency and have received many expressions of gratitude for my teaching methods. In future, I would like to work at the academic center where I can satisfy my thirst for clinical work, research work and teaching cardiology to the next generation. My utmost goal is to dedicate myself to the field of cardiology to improve overall outcomes of cardiovascular disease at the community level. I look forward bringing my dedication, enthusiasm, previous experience and learning quest for cardiology at your program.

I want to thank you for the consideration of my application for your program.

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