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Fellowship Hematopathology, Radiation

Updated: Jan 26

I hope to be selected to complete a fellowship program in Hematopathology on the basis of my sheer passion and profound dedication to the field and my potential for professional contribution to this fascinating and rapidly advancing area of medicine. I have a natural affinity to Hematopathology which makes me highly motivated to accept the challenge of a long professional life giving my all to research and practice in this area of medicine. It is a profound honor to assist people who are in the midst of the most difficult challenges resulting from the presence of hematologic malignancy. I wake up each day grateful for the opportunity to play a role in this profound struggle we face as human beings and as a society.

Earning my MD in 2015 was one of the most critical moments of my life so far. Nevertheless, my time fully invested in science was intrinsic to developing my ability to understand the complexities involved in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Sheer curiosity and love of knowledge have always characterized me and led me to train as a scientist. When my mother became very ill with cancer after I had already completed a master’s degree and a year of study toward a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, I had to discontinue my studies and return to DC to care for her. As I got to know the neurooncologist and radiation oncologist who cared for her at the National Cancer Institute, however, I was offered a research fellowship, which I accepted. With their encouragement over that spring and summer, I applied to medical school and switched my focus to medical practice.

I have spent many years as a competitive athlete, and my love of teamwork has drawn me to areas such as pediatrics and rehabilitation medicine where one works with the family and parents in order to regain the maximal capacity to perform daily routines in the face of disease. Hence, during medical school, I completed extensive research concerning various treatments including orthopedic surgery and botulinum toxin-induced muscle relaxation used for kids with cerebral palsy.

Within the more general area of pathology, I have found that the subfield of hematopathology allows me to participate most fully in interdisciplinary teams that enable patients with life-changing diseases to receive the diagnosis and treatment they need.

Throughout my childhood, I excelled in math and science, receiving various awards from elementary through high school and I have always loved solving problems. mysteries. The field of hematopathology is a perfect fit for me as it allows me to do what I love most: incorporate information from various sources into a conclusion or best-fit scenario.

Hematopathology, with its great intellectual appeal and intrigue, is where I want to invest my professional lifetime – especially because of its very immediate patient implications. I plan on specializing still further in the hematopathology of the skin, exploring the many fascinating inflammatory patterns and interactions between the immune system and malignancies. Developing enhanced diagnostic and treatment techniques in practice will enable us to recognize patterns of disease and initiate proper treatment ASAP.

Thank you for considering my application to become a part of your team in Hematopathology.

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