Fellowship Critical Care Medicine, Highly experienced Indian Doctor, Free Personal Statement Sample

I trace my great passion for the practice of medicine to my keen desire as a young person to mature into a ‘good’ person, non-selfish, empathetic, compassionate, a good listener, and hungry to help ease pain and suffering. I am sometimes accused of being a perfectionist, but I think this is the price that one pays for giving one’s all, his best, 24/7. I could not be more devoted to lifelong education and research in Internal and Critical Care Medicine. A team player to my innermost core, I am always open to constructive feedback from my colleagues and mentors so as to constantly improve my capacity as a physician.

I have completed my residency in internal medicine and now feel most at home in the hospital at the center of the action and I am currently completing a fellowship in NeuroCritical Care so as to benefit from a full immersion into the foundations and challenges of Critical Care Medicine. During my residency, I especially enjoyed performing procedures such as central line insertions, arterial line insertions, drawing arterial blood gas samples, etc. I found myself most intrigued by the strategies and reasoning underlying the management of critically ill patients. I also very much enjoyed providing ultrasound-guided procedures. I had excellent mentors and I mirrored them, maintaining total composure at all time under highly stressful situations: codes, patients becoming unstable, sudden changes in a patient’s clinical condition. As I observed their calm precision under life and death situations, I strove to be and do likewise, and I made enormous progress as a physician over the course of this year, greatly enhancing my abilities.

Multisystem approach, cognitive skills, and technical skills that CCM involves is fascinating and awesome. The wide spectrum of diseases involving multiple organ systems encountered in critical care environment is amazing and solving the complex issues is satisfying. To develop and sharpen leadership skills, teaching skills, I did one year of Internal Medicine chief resident after completing residency. I was involved in teaching residents, supervising their performance, giving feedback based on their performance. I worked as junior faculty of internal medicine.

I spent long periods of time prior to medical school in India, bicycling through the countryside on dirt roads so as to build physical as well as psychological endurance so as to arrive at my ultimate destiny and prepare myself fully for a life of service with special attention to the underserved in remote areas. Upon being selected to one of the most competitive medical colleges in all of India, I realized that my hard work was paying off and that someone from the countryside who very much loved rural India could take his place amongst the best and excel at the realization of his dreams.

Playing soccer as a midfielder built my team spirit and nourished my competitive nature, cherishing victory yet gracious in defeat. Most of all, I seek to always fulfill my duty as a team member willing to go that extra mile to contribute to a successful group outcome – particularly when a life is at stake. I crave long hours on my feet listening not only to patients but also their families, learning all that I can so as to put the pieces of the puzzle together and make the right, optimal decisions on behalf of each patient and their unique circumstances.

In addition to English, I also speak, read, and write Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. For the past several years I have devoted a lot of energy to Spanish and I am getting better and better at communicating with patients and their families in this language as well. I am especially proud of my rapidly increasing ability in Spanish because of the way that this language opens doors to helping the underserved, who suffer the most from the lack of direct access to medical care and being able to talk to medical professionals in their first language.

Thank you for consideration of my application to your distinguished Fellowship Program in Critical Care Medicine.

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