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Updated: Feb 4

Like other physicians, I chose medicine as my career to be able to keep people healthy and to cure the ills of those who fall sick, thereby improving the health of the population I serve. Throughout my career in medicine so far, however, I have increasingly come to long for playing a role in the enhancement of health care in general, something more than simply working with one patient at a time.

I am alarmed at the nature, complexity and rapid growth of challenges facing the medical establishment. In my own reading, I often find myself focusing on aging, obesity, and the abuse of opioids, three of our greatest challenges. What I find especially disturbing is the evidence which suggests that with respect to opioid addiction, there is clear complicity of medical and pharmaceutical professionals in the perpetuation of this suffering, from reasons of economic profit. Generally speaking, I am concerned that these and other serious public health challenges will grow to such proportions that the poor, the old, and chronically ill, in particular, suffer much more than their share as a result of growing demand for diminishing resources. I want to participate in the search for sustainable solutions to the long-term challenges that we face in health care. Thus, I could not be more fully dedicated to lifelong learning in the areas of effective management, clinical operations, and the delivery of health care services.

Through an academic relationship with the University of XXXX, I will be better equipped to deal with the business side of healthcare, to address the more pressing issues of expanding healthcare systems and services, while I will also learn the state-of-the-art tools and strategies that serve to reduce costs. I will become a more effective leader in my community, working and innovating in the design and implementation of new healthcare models. I am fully dedicated to life-long learning and I want to continue to grow throughout my career, cultivating an increasingly bold vision as a leader. One especially attractive feature of UX’s Executive MHA Program for me, is its unique combination of onsite teaching with online learning. I see your program as representing the ultimate synergy of on-campus learning with direct interaction with leading faculty members, while I can also continue in my current professional position.

I am troubled by the logistics of medicine as it is practiced today, as I believe that it leaves much to be desired. A young mother of two, for example, who develops an abdominal pain on a Friday evening, too late to connect with her regular physician. Come Monday morning when she is finally able to get in touch with her PCP, her appendix has burst, her life is in grave danger, and she is now in need of emergency surgery. Many factors are involved here: lack of access, lack of information and inability to communicate with a trusted provider. It is in this area where I hope to make my professional mark, improving access by improving communication.

I thank you for considering my application.

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