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Art Education for Children, Master's, Degree Older Applicant

Updated: Jan 25

I see XXXX University’s Master’s Degree Program in Art Education as the most creative and dynamic program of its kind in the world, where I will be fully immersed in the latest discovery and practice of art education techniques and strategies for empowerment, fully immersed in the celebration of artistic accomplishment worldwide. I plan to give the entire balance of my professional life to the education of children and our future society. I seek to deepen my appreciation of Western Art and broaden my horizons to include global themes and in-depth comparative exploration of the Art of the Orient. As a veteran with decades of civil servant experience and diverse educational experiences, I feel I have something valuable to contribute to the academic community as a graduate student at XU. Although I earned an Associate's Degree many years ago, I only recently finished my BA in Liberal Arts at XXXX University. As an older adult seeking primarily ongoing personal enrichment, I hope to continue this rapid internal growth experience in the Master’s Program at XU focused on Art Education for children.

In my youth, I was a soldier stationed at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. In those days, in the 1970s, I often felt like I was living a double life since I told no one in the counter-culture that surrounded me that I worked for the US military. My early adulthood was characterized by liking and loving hippies and soldiers alike, which was sometimes a tricky tightrope to walk. I refused to talk to anyone about my military life and ensuing employment at the Defense Language Institute and Naval Postgraduate School, which continued for fourteen more years after discharge. I worked in English as a secretary in the Greek, Romanian, Spanish and Russian Departments. As a covert counterculture person at the time, I now realize that only recently have I been able to fully value and appreciate all that I learned at the Institute over the years.

Over these last few years at XU, I have come home, fully immersed in the world that I most love, classes in Western Art, Greek culture, the art of William Morris, and the Pre-Raphaelites of the 19th century, etc. saturating my senses. The MA in Art Education is the way for me to continue to explore culture and history as well as Art and Education, enriching my creativity and understanding of the world around me. Studying Liberal Arts has allowed me to delve deeper into the meaning and possibilities of art. Most of my relevant studies have focused primarily on western art; my professors also introduced my classmates and me to many eastern artists, however, and their methods of expression, which helped open my mind to the vastness of the art world and its immense potential.

My university education and professional experiences thus far have provided me with a solid foundation for graduate-level study of the evolution and impact of art throughout the globe and its relevance to Art Education. I have most enjoyed the experience of organizing every aspect of an exhibition, inviting guests, advertising and designing posters, preparing the presentation, and arranging the opening and closing – for a class project using state-of-the-art software. At the Senior Council, I assisted with a Spanish/English bilingual program for migrant workers' children, including art classes and community art. This experience in the US ¨Salad Bowl¨ set me well on my way to becoming a world citizen and plays a deciding factor in my decision to pursue further studies in Art Education.

Thank you for considering my application for graduate study in Art Education at XXXX University.

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